TCC specializes in Computer & laptop repairs and upgrades. We can repair virtually any computer make or model from most manufacturers such as DELL, HP or Acer right through to Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo or Asus with any type of problem We repair numerous Systems each day in our in-shop repair center for a broad range of customers and we have a wealth of experience in both system repair and procurement of spare parts. And we offer the fastest turn around in the business; same day free diagnostic service.We have an excellent customer satisfaction rates. Much of our business comes from word of mouth and we don’t believe we have done a good job unless our customers are fully satisfied and can recommend us.Typically our customers come to us because their computer is either out of or not covered by warranty and we are always able to help them. Our customers use us because of our varied and deep skill level. And we are very confident that if it’s a computer repair problem we can solve it for you quickly and cost effectively


  • Power supply/Fan Replacements
  • LCD/LED Laptop Screen Repair
  • Hard Drive Errors/Failures
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • DVD Optical Drives not Reading/Burning
  • Motherboard Failures
  • Memory Issues/Failure
  • Case/Base Unit Replacements
  • Laptop Hinge Repairs
  • Laptop keyboard and touchpad Repair


  • Memory Upgrades-4GB-6GB(DDR 3 & DDR 4)
  • Hard Drive Upgrades-250GB-8000GB(8TB).SATA Hard Drives as well asSolid state Drives(SSD)
  • Processor upgrades-AMD A.FX Series & Intel i5.i7 Series
  • Motherboard upgrades-To support your chosen memory or processor
  • Optical drive upgrades-DVD Rewriters.Blu-Ray Rewriters and HD-DVD Drives
  • Software Upgrades-Windows 7,Windows 8.1&Windows 10
  • Case(Standard Home/Business.Gaming)-A new case that your current components can be put in to improve the look of your PC and to improve air flow allowing your computer to stay cool and stable
  • Power Supplies-To allow computer to be stable when using components that require more power